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Virus-Clean Virgin Islands Disinfection Sanitizing Services

How Professional Disinfecting & Sanitizing Services Helps Prevent COVID-19 in th

During the COVID-19 peak, several countries responded by enforcing lockdowns to break the chain of infections and reduce its spread. Businesses that have to go on need to take precautionary measures of virus disinfecting. In the US Virgin Islands, Virus-Clean Virgin Islands provides virus and bacteria fogging, cleaning, and disinfection in St Croix, St Thomas, and St John virgin islands.

Virus-Clean Virgin Islands provides professional virus disinfection and sanitizing services.

With no vaccine or cure drug available for the Coronavirus as yet, fogging and virus cleaning through sanitizing and disinfecting the Virgin Islands are the recommended methods of eliminating and killing the virus.

Here is how disinfecting and sanitizing services can help prevent COVID-19 in the Virgin Islands.

Protecting Key Touchpoints against Coronavirus and other Harmful Pathogens

Poor hand hygiene is a major issue since people often cough and sneeze, and touch their mouth and nose with their hands. This is a means of spreading Coronavirus when they touch surfaces, door handles, grocery store shopping carts, and other objects being shared.


There’s also the risk of infection through body fluids and bathroom visits. The Coronavirus is said to have the ability to stay in the patient’s feces for more than eleven days.


The virus can also be found in ‘toilet plume,’ the droplets created from flushing around the washrooms.


Further, research has indicated that the virus could spread to an entire office via a contaminated touchpoint just in four hours.


Businesses should take care and regularly sanitize and disinfect the high contact surfaces using agents and tools that have been approved by the Health and Safety.


If possible, it is advised to reduce the number of high contact areas by using self-opening doors, or if not practical, to leave them open.


Sanitizing Large or High-Touch Virgin Island Areas

When it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting large or High-Touch areas, fogging becomes an ideal method.


Fogging involves using a specialized machine to generate a cloud of small disinfectant droplets. Fogging reduces the number of pathogens both on all surfaces and throughout the air. This method reaches spaces and areas that are hard or impossible to reach using standard manual methods.


Virus-Clean Virgin Islands: An Assured Service

Cleaning and disinfecting are essential measures for business owners to make buildings, offices, stores, restaurants, hotels, boats, and far more safe for operation.

Virus-Clean Virgin Islands provide Professional Disinfection Services with the proper technique and tools that are most appropriate for disinfection.


When completed, be rest assured that the virus cleaning, sanitizing, and the disinfectant process has been conducted with professional biohazard removal techniques and following all EPA-guidelines.


As an added feature and huge benefit, upon completion of their services, Virus-Clean Virgin Islands will provide you with their unique “VERIFIED Disinfected & Satanized” window stickers. Display these in your business’ window to let customers and clients know you take cleaning very seriously. This allows people to feel quite comfortable walking back through their doors.

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